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Crystal Clear Pool & Spa

Product/Company Information

Crystal Clear Pool and Spa, a division of 1266350 Ontario Inc. is a private Canadian company founded in 1997. A developer/manufacturer and exporter of swimming pool treatments, our primary product is an all-natural formulation called ECLIPSE3.

Head office facilities including research & development are located in Brantford, Ontario, CANADA. There is a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Our company is committed to the design/development and production of all-natural based products for swimming pool – spa – hot tub maintenance.

ECLIPSE3 is a product created for algae control, chlorine reduction, pH stabilization and is a cloud-and-clear agent for use in swimming pools – spas – hot tubs. ECLIPSE3 is sold under the manufacturing name, "Crystal Clear Pool & Spa". ECLIPSE3 is registered for sale in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency and is available for sale in all states of the US.

ECLIPSE3 is a 100% all-Canadian engineered product containing 100% all-natural products, a critical requirement for these applications.

R&D is a priority at Crystal Clear Pool & Spa. The company is determined to keep its products current in an industry which is constantly evolving. We are committed to developing products to address an ever-increasing health conscious society.

Current Geographic Marketing Activity

The company markets its products utilizing a network of sales representatives throughout the United States, with export sales destined mainly to the U.S. Development of distribution channels throughout the balance of the North American market and overseas are an on-going primary objective of the company.

While the company is interested in pursuing and developing sales worldwide ~ Mexico, Brazil and the Middle East markets have been identified as new markets with the greatest potential. These markets are being given priority, with representatives being actively sought at the present time. Potential agents/distributors in developing markets, such as Mexico and China, are also under consideration.