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Marketing Partnership Announced

After six months of discussions and meetings with Fort Wayne Pools, Crystal Clear Pool and Spa is pleased to announce a marketing partnership in the marketing of ECLIPSE3.

ECLIPSE3 may now be ordered through any one of Fort Wayne's 22 Branch locations:

Fort Wayne of Akron, OH
Fort Wayne Pools of Atlanta, AL
Fort Wayne Pools of Charlotte, NC
Fort Wayne Pools of Colorado, CO
Fort Wayne Pools of Huntsville, AL
Fort Wayne Pools of Baton Rouge, LA
Fort Wayne Pools of Cincinnati, OH
Fort Wayne Pools of Greenville, SC
Fort Wayne Pools of Kansas City, KS
Fort Wayne Pools of Memphis, TN
Fort Wayne Pools Midwest-Indianapolis, IN
Fort Wayne Pools of Nashville, TN
Fort Wayne Pools of Penn-Jersey, NJ
Fort Wayne Pools of St. Louis, MO
Fort Wayne Pools Midwest-Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne Pools of Minnesota, MN
Fort Wayne Pools of New Jersey, NJ
Fort Wayne Pools of Pittsburgh, PA
Fort Wayne Pools of Virginia Beach, VA
Fort Wayne Pools of Oklahoma City, OK
Fort Wayne Pools of Knoxville, TN
Fort Wayne Pools of South Atlanta, GA

The ECLIPSE3 product ID code is: CRY-071565

Crystal Clear Pool and Spa is looking forward to working with the IDN Group (Independent Distributors Network) to cultivate nationwide distribution for the 2002 season.

Crystal Clear Pool and Spa anticipates a highly productive relationship with Fort Wayne Pools in researching and developing a complete line of Pool and Spa care products to be made available to Fort Wayne Pool customers sometime in the 2002 season. The flagship product of Crystal Clear Pool and Spa will remain the ECLIPSE3 patented algicide launched at NSPI Orlando in 2000 ; the all-natural, mineral based algicide has been proven to stabilize pH, reduce chlorine use and clarify water.

Locate an Eclipse3 distributor by visiting

Special thanks to:
Erin Garton - Fort Wayne Marketing Manager
Bill Shuherk - Fort Wayne National Marketing Manager/Regional Manager
Bruce Essman - Taylor/Hayes Inc. (Crystal Clear's Midwest and Northeast agents)

Please feel free to contact our offices for sales or technical support if you ever have any questions.

OUR MISSION: Provide the retailer, distributor with attractive profit margins at the same time providing the consumer with a cost-effective method to maintain their pool / spa.

OUR COMMITMENT: Provide support to the consumer/retailer/distributor. We will always be there for you!

OUR HISTORY: Honesty Integrity Perseverance

OUR FUTURE: Develop superior products through ingenuity and engineering.

Director of Marketing

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