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Eclipse3 Registered in Canada


Crystal Clear Pool and Spa is pleased to announce that ECLIPSE3, the all-natural, mineral-based algicide for pools, spas and hot tubs has been granted registration in Canada and is now available for distribution across North America.

"The growth of this company has been absolutely incredible," says Ken Breau, President of Crystal Clear. "In a little more than a year, we have become registered in 44 states (including California, Florida, Texas and Arizona), have received Canadian approval AND are moving to become a truly global company as we are currently in negotiations with South American and Western European countries."

Since its official launch at the NSPI Show in Orlando (November 2000), ECLIPSE3 has been charming advocates and doubters alike, with its attractive packaging, superior cost-effectiveness, slick ad campaign and the hard work and determination of its owner.

Available in both an 8.8 lb pail and 2 lb pail size, the potential sales for this product are a retailer's dream.

"It will take some time to familiarize the consumer with both the product's name and the benefits of using E3," says Mr. Breau. " That is why we are so happy to have the "partial Eclipse" as an addition to the line so early in the company's foray into the public eye. The positive response we have received tells me that we are on the right track."

For a complete update on E3 availability, product information, FAQ's, handy tools like a pool volume calculator and more, just visit the Eclipse3 home on the web.

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