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Eclipse3 a Success at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

It gives me great pleasure to announce the successful completion of a large scale test (700,000 gallons) at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey.

Mr. Chris Stuart (Park Director) was looking for a new and innovative way to conserve chlorine consumption while at the same time providing the customer with an enhanced swimming environment.

We met Chris at the Atlantic City NSPI trade show in January of 2001. Since that time we have worked with Chris to select an opportune time and pool with which to test Eclipse3 in on a larger scale. It was determined the best pool to work with was the 700,000 gallon wave pool due to its type of filtration system and size. After reviewing the system specifications and tolerances, we determined an 87 lb initial dose would be required with weekly dosages of 5.5 lbs to maintain the effects of Eclipse3. As you can appreciate, we were very excited about the opportunity to prove the validity of Eclispe3, and what better way to do this but on this very large system and with a well respected water park on an international level. We made the 10 hour trip to New Jersey and I personally administered the initial 87lb application. Following the application, we monitored the water quality for a number of hours to be sure there would be no chance of any unexpected changes. There was an immediate improvement with regards to water clarity. Subsequent checks confirmed a reduced chlorine consumption rate. There has also been no algae and the pH level has remained stable.

We have also been working with Mr. Tom Manchester (Maintenance Forman at Six Flags) to monitor any other changes. To date, Tom is extremely happy with the reduced maintenance Eclipse3 has created. Tom is responsible for over 3 million gallons at this park and anything that allows him to spend more time making sure other facets of customer relations are looked after make his job easier.

Dear Ken:
We had a major water line break the other day at Six Flags Park and flooded Discover Bay with very dirty brown water that contained mulch and mud at 9:30 AM. It was decided to try Eclipse3 on the clean up. The pool contains 110,000 gallons, and in 4 hours it was clear again and ready for our customers. You could actually see the water clear-up hour by hour. If not for Eclipse3, we would have had to keep 1000 bathers out of the area for the day. What a great product!
Tom Manchester (Maintenance Forman)
Six Flags Park, NJ

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Chris and Tom and are looking forward to bringing more water parks on-line over the next year.

Kind regards,
Ken Breau C.Tech
President, Crystal Clear Pool & Spa

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A division of 1266350 Ontario Inc.
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Brantford, Ontario, Canada
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