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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 1, 2002

2003 ...The Year You'll Finally Enjoy Your Pool!

The pool was a great idea, but no one warned you about the maintenance! Relax. Lie back on your chaise lounge and catch a few more rays. This year, you'll be able to enjoy your pool without wasting time and money on complicated treatments.

E3 Power Pack, a revolutionary new product from Eclipse 3, combines Algaecide, clarifier and pH stabilizer in one easy-to-measure container, plus it reduces chlorine consumption; all the product you'll need in one package.

Pool chemistry goes up and down like a yo-yo, but the E3 Power Pack's all-natural ingredients makes your pool safer and cleaner with less work. Use it anytime during the season, not just for start-ups or closings.

Join the E3 revolution to put "creation" back in "recreation" by creating more time for you and your family in a healthier environment.

The E3 Power Pak contains:

  1. Eclipse3 Algaecide - All mineral based product to control algae.
  2. Eclipse3 Emerge - Reduces the harsh effects of conventional chlorine.
  3. Eclipse3 Enforce - Removes scales and stains.

Eclipse3 is used by Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and Ontario Place and is sold at outlets across North America. The Eclipse3 product line includes a full range of specialty chemical products that provide a more environmentally friendly line and cost less than other national and private label brands.

At Crystal Clear Pool and Spa we are:
*Committed to saving you money*
*Committed to product engineering and development*
*Committed to providing you with environmentally friendly products*

For information about how to become a dealer or to purchase one of our many products, please contact our offices at 1-800-263-8250 or visit our web site at

Kind Regards,
Ken Breau

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