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Ken’s Tips for Retailers

Most retailers operate a pool maintenance business; if you do, then ECLIPSE3 is for you.

How would you like to spend less than half the time you currently spend on maintaining your customers’ pools/spas and hot tubs?

With ECLIPSE3, it has been proven that fewer chemicals and less maintenance are required – that means less time spent servicing your customers’ pools (with the same if not better results) and the opportunity to expand your client base at the same time !!

With ECLIPSE3, you can offer your customers a much more environmentally-friendly product for their recreational needs.

ECLIPSE3’s purity is constant in composition to provide a high grade Environmentally Pure Alternative the Pool/Spa and Hot Tub user.

Launched in the fall of 2000, Eclipse3 received a great deal of interest throughout the industry, and is well on its way to harnessing market share in several key categories. Contact Crystal Clear Pool and Spa to find out how YOU can become a part of the E3 Family of Promotional Partners.

Important Note: Co-op advertising is available.